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Hyperhuman Launches AI-powered Fitness Professional App

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Hyperhuman recently launched its first turnkey fitness app featuring AI-powered automatic editing for professional video workouts as well as limitless revenue generation opportunities. The Hyperhuman platform helps create studio-quality workout videos by removing the complexity and time needed to create them. With its AI technology, Hyperhuman is becoming the top platform for building businesses in health and fitness.

Bogdan Predusca, Hyperhuman CEO & Co-founder, said, “Our mission is to offer the most streamlined path for creating, distributing, and monetizing quality video content and a world-class experience for fitness content consumption. We are thrilled to have professionals from more than 15 countries using our platform to create fitness content for their clients and already making money with our all-in-one solution.”

He continued, “We’ve developed the first AI-driven revenue-generating fitness app that allows trainers to thrive in the online training market and succeed against famous on-demand fitness apps by offering customized, studio-quality workouts to clients around the world.”

Hyperhuman is completely free and easy to use. Hyperhuman Studio is an app designed for fitness professionals that transforms 2-3 repetitions of exercise footage into workout videos that can be reused. There is always a limit on the number of workouts that an instructor can access for free on Studio to get them started right away. Through the completely free partner Hyperhuman Club app, the training clientele will be able to follow along throughout the training experience.

The company is offering up to one month free of charge of Studio PRO to celebrate the launch of the Studio PRO version and help trainers in these uncertain times. As a result, trainers can use any number of workouts with any number of clients for unlimited income potential.

Bogdan further concluded, “Our focus in the next months is on increasing the level of content personalization and virality. We are also launching our first projects with organizations that either need to scale their content production process or diversify their content offering by licensing curated premium video content from our global network of fitness professionals.”

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