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Hyundai Launches a Chatbot, ‘Hi Hyundai,’ to Improve Customer Service

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Hyundai introduces its AI chatbot named “Hi Hyundai” to further improve its contactless and hassle-free services. The importance of customer service cannot be overstated for a business. Businesses are developing AI chatbots to handle lengthy procedures, paperwork, and time management, among other issues. Rather than a person, an AI-driven robot is conducting the discussion.

Hyundai Motor India Ltd. Director (Sales, Marketing & Service), Tarun Garg, recently said, “Last year, in November we launched a contactless sales initiative – Hyundai Showroom Live that has been well accepted by customers with over 50 000 contactless video conference sales consultations so far.

Additionally, with the launch of ‘Hi Hyundai’, AI Chatbot customers can seamlessly experience intuitive virtual assistance for all their queries. As we adopt more and more digital initiatives, Hyundai will continue to lead the industry with thoughtful innovations for enhanced customer delight.”

The goal of this initiative is to further enhance the overall experience of owning a Hyundai vehicle. This chatbot will improve overall processes not only because of the pandemic but also in general. Hyundai’s AI chatbot ‘Hi Hyundai’ aims to enhance the customer experience by leveraging platform capabilities such as intent recognition, persona segmentation, and sentiment analysis. This will benefit both existing and potential customers. Buying a new model, finding dealerships, service stations, and service records. With this chatbot, everything will be taken care of.

‘Hi Hyundai’ will offer services like scheduling car servicing, checking warranty information, finding out car service costs, accessing extended warranties/roadside assistance, and more. Additionally, ‘Hi Hyundai’ offers interactive 3D models & audio bytes, Click to Buy, and a Hyundai corporate website for new and potential customers. In addition, there will also be the basics, such as how to book a test drive and what the latest offers are.

These initiatives will help customers get a better experience and provide them with better communication.

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