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i-PRO Unveils AI-powered 360° Fisheye Cameras For Real-Time Analytics

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i-PRO recently announced the release of AI-powered 360° fisheye cameras for real-time analytics. With the addition of 360° fisheye cameras with incorporated AI capabilities to its S-Series range, i-PRO took another big step in the AI-fication of the security camera market.

Wanda Nijholt, Manager Marketing, and Communications of i-PRO EMEA commented, “With these new cameras, we are extending our strategy of providing more and easier access to the advantages of AI. At the same time, customers have the option to customize the powerful hardware using deep-learning applications on the edge and increase the accuracy of analytics. With the enhanced line-up capability of running three applications, we are pushing the new Standard in Security further and providing the flexibility to adapt our open hardware to any organization’s individual needs – whether for CCTV or other business innovations.”

These cameras are the first in the S-Series to enable up to three deep learning applications, taking the Standard security camera category to a new level. It transforms the security camera into an intelligent gadget that may be used for business purposes and provide valuable insights.

The cameras can run programs from i-Analytic PRO’s Software package for Business Intelligence (BI), that usually pre, as well as other key apps like Privacy Guard and third-party apps produced with the open Software Development Kit.

Free AI-based analytics are included in the bundle, which may be used for motion detection, heat mapping, counting people and cars, and recognizing congestion, such as in-store queues. Real-time analytics become tremendously useful and precise when powerful AI capabilities are combined with high-quality 360° images up to the edge of the frame. For example, assisting in the avoidance of common problems such as failing to discern between two people walking near together.

Customers can quickly arrange and conceptualize analytics from multiple i-PRO cameras, applied in combination with the free i-PRO Multi-AI System plug-in handling alarm systems coming from the i-PRO hardware, in a convenient and instinctive dashboard, together with their Video Management System, in order to make the best use of the data generated. Connection to third-party dashboards is also possible thanks to support for industry-standard protocols like ONVIF and MQTT.

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