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IBM Launches IBM z16 with Real-time AI for Transaction Processing at Scale

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IBM recently announced the launch of IBM® z16™, IBM’s next-generation system with an integrated on-chip AI accelerator to deliver latency-optimized inferencing. In order to facilitate the analysis of real-time financial, healthcare, and credit card transactions, this innovation provides clients with the ability to analyze real-time transactions at scale. Based on IBM’s security leadership history, IBM z16 is also specifically designed to address the threat of cracking today’s encryption technology in the near future.

Ric Lewis, SVP, IBM Systems, said, “IBM is the gold standard for highly secured transaction processing. Now with IBM z16 innovations, our clients can increase decision velocity with inferencing right where their mission-critical data lives. This opens up tremendous opportunities to change the game in their respective industries so they will be positioned to deliver better customer experiences and more powerful business outcomes.”

For decades, IBM inventions such as the IBM z16 have served as the world economy’s technological backbone. Two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies, 45 of the world’s top 50 banks, 8 of the top 10 insurers, 7 of the top 10 global retailers, and 8 of the top 10 telecoms value the current IBM mainframe as a highly secure platform for operating their most mission-critical workloads in hybrid cloud settings.

The threat of tax fraud and organized retail theft is also emerging as a challenge for government and business. Traditional fraud detection techniques are being tested to their limits by real-time payment methods and alternative payment methods like cryptocurrencies. With IBM z16, a whole new class of use cases can be created, such as:

  • Approval of loans: to expedite the approval of consumer and business loans
  • Settlement and clearing: to identify which trades and/or transactions might have a high-risk component before settlement
  • Federated learning for retail: to reduce the likelihood of fraud and theft

The IBM z16 combines artificial intelligence (AI) inference with the extremely secure and reliable high-volume transaction processing that IBM is known for, thanks to its IBM Telum Processor. Banks may now assess for fraud during transactions on a vast scale for the first time: the IBM z16 can handle 300 billion inference requests per day with a latency of just one millisecond3. This could save consumers time and effort when it comes to dealing with illegal credit card transactions. For businesses and card issuers alike, this might imply less revenue loss as customers avoid the annoyance of bogus declines, which may lead them to use alternative methods in the future.

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