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IDMWORKS Announces Release of IAM Insight Dashboards

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The Identity and Access Management (IAM) insights dashboard, which delivers live analytics for monitoring and reporting IAM programs, has been launched by IDMWORKS.

Most business IAM programs use solutions from a variety of suppliers. Each vendor uses a unique approach, with specific reporting embedded into multiple interfaces and dashboards. As a result, IAM leaders are left with a jumble of reports that lack a unified framework that provides neither program-wide visibility nor intelligent insights.

“Before today, companies couldn’t access their full identity security program in a clear, concise, and timely manner to make crucial strategic decisions. It’s a pain point that we’ve solved with the IDMWORKS IAM Insights Dashboard,” said Paul Bedi, Founder & CEO, IDMWORKS. “We’re committed to taking the whole industry forward, and I’m thrilled with the ongoing innovation and solutions coming out of the business. We have a fantastic team who are making a positive impact.”

With a unified, customizable dashboard, the solution delivers aggregate analytics. IAM program key performance indicator (KPIs) for the most common Identity Management Software products which are used by Infrastructure Health, Security Incidents and Events, Service Tickets, and Regulatory Compliance Adherence is also included. Users save time and expense by using a cloud-based service, which also lowers the chance of downtime.

“This dashboard fills a significant gap in visibility across the entirety of any IAM program,” shared Gray Mitchell, Financial Services Industry VP of Information Security. “With this level of insight, IAM leaders and CISOs will be better able to manage KPIs, understand the health of their IAM programs, and make intelligent, informed decisions.”

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