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IDology Announces a New Product – ExpectID Flex API

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A GBG Company – IDology – announced ExpectID Flex API – the company’s new authentication product that enables businesses to verify anyone, anywhere in the customer journey, using unique, curated attributes and workflows that verify their identities.

Businesses can utilize the platform’s portfolio of verification methods without having to integrate with additional endpoints and scoring systems with ExpectID Flex API’s advanced methodology. Additionally, the solution will provide full decision transparency for maximum explainability and fraud analysis, as well as access to IDology’s Fraud Network.

Businesses can also use Flex API to conduct custom digital Know Your Customer (KYC) checks with less Personally Identifiable Information (PII), thereby reducing customer friction and improving conversion rates for thin-file and underbanked populations.

In IDology’s 4th Annual Consumer Digital Identity Report, 70% of online Americans believe that companies collect personal information about them without their knowledge, 87% are selective about companies who request their personal identification information, and 82% feel that trust is extremely or very important when opening new accounts with companies.

IDology CEO Christina Luttrell, said, “ExpectID Flex API is a leap in identity customization in that it establishes more trust with new and returning customers through low-friction workflows by reviewing details that users may be more comfortable providing, greatly improving lead conversion rates among thin-file and underbanked individuals. I am immensely proud of our product innovation team for delivering value-rich approaches to identity verification that result in less fraud, friction, and implementation effort for our customers.”

IDology is transforming identity verification and fraud deterrence for businesses worldwide with innovative, multi-layered solutions and data controls, precision, and transparency needed to build trust in a digital world. IDology leverages thousands of physical and digital data sources to deliver the most accurate locates available in the industry with its combination of fraud experts and artificial intelligence (AI). Through frictionless, secure digital identity verification, IDology helps businesses stay ahead of fraud trends and ensure compliance to grow over the long term.

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