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Incepto Makes Available Multi AI Solutions to Affidea Through Partnership

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Artificial intelligence (AI) solution provider in the medical sector, Incepto and advanced diagnostics, ambulatory care, and cancer treatment provider in Europe, Affidea has entered into a partnership. The partnership enables Affidea to integrate and use 4 AI solutions in the field of oncology, neurology, and breast in 14 centers across Portugal, leveraging the Incepto platform.

Access to various AI solutions that are currently tested by Affidea under a single platform that is integrated into its PACS or RIS infrastructure is now made available to Affidea’s physicians by the Incepto platform. Four different AI solutions for clinical activities can be accessed by Affidea radiologists focusing on oncology, neurology, and breast specialties through the Incepto platform without separately integrating software and changing equipment.

Antoine Jomier, CEO and Co-founder of Incepto, stated, “We are very excited about the partnership with Affidea, which will mark a change of dimension for Incepto and will be the first step in our ambition to bring the use of AI to all European patients. It also demonstrates that we support all imaging stakeholders, including the largest groups, with all this implies efficiency and performance requirements. This is an essential step to enable as many patients as possible to benefit from the latest applications of AI in healthcare.”

The solution provides improved patient care leveraging AI diagnostics helping in accurate diagnostics and measurement. It also provides operational improvement by reducing the time it takes to acquire, sort, and prioritize data. The solution provides medical staff with reinsurance facilities.

“The more we advance on the path to implementing AI, the more we need to think about the complexity of integrating multiple AI solutions in a safe and compliant way, delivering clear benefits to our patients and radiologists in all countries. Keeping it simple isn’t easy, but at Affidea, we have all the skills, experience, and resources to carry out this journey, always with clinical excellence, safety, and precision at heart. I look forward to this innovative partnership with Incepto so that together we can shape the AI landscape in radiology for the benefit of patients and physicians,” stated Dr. Alessandro Roncacci, Senior Vice President, Chief Medical Officer of Affidea.

The digital infrastructure and IT capabilities of Affidea have received significant investment recently. Affidea is currently best positioned to efficiently integrate AI into its network and gain all the anticipated benefits of routine clinical usage of AI since its centers are operating to the highest quality standards to assure patient safety and clinical excellence. With more than 1,450 pieces of equipment dispersed throughout 15 different healthcare markets, the finest technology, and a team of sub-specialty specialists to successfully test various AI solutions, the firm has the optimal environment in terms of geographic presence, and global clinical experience, and top technology. In order to broaden the usage of the Incepto platform and integrate several AI applications, Affidea is now testing 10 AI solutions throughout its network in 10 different countries.

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