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Infermedica Platform Brings AI-driven Medical Guidance to Life with New Modules

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A leading digital health company, Infermedica specializes in AI-powered solutions for symptom analysis and patient triage, announced the release of Medical Guidance Platform, featuring new modules and features to support the entire patient journey. By using Infermedica’s clinically-validated symptom checker technology, the Medical Guidance Platform aims to provide personalized patient care from the initial symptom to the post-visit treatment period. Over 10 million people worldwide have used Infermedica’s solutions to triage patients to the right level of care through its partnerships with Allianz, HonorHealth, Optum, Microsoft, LifeMD, Global Excel, Gothaer, and Sana Kliniken.

Piotr Orzechowski, Founder, and CEO of Infermedica said, “Our mission is to ease the strain on global healthcare systems and make healthcare more accessible, convenient, and affordable. By automating certain administrative tasks within the primary care journey, we can streamline the experience for patients and allow clinicians to focus on providing the highest quality care. The Medical Guidance Platform is the first step to achieving our vision of truly human-centric healthcare.”

Infermedica aims to help physicians, nurses, technicians, medical assistants, and other frontline health workers facing job dissatisfaction and burnout worldwide by applying its technology to support the entire patient-care journey – from intake to triage and soon follow-up.

This platform allows healthcare organizations to create custom, interoperable solutions that meet their unique needs using Infermedica’s proprietary Intelligent Core and a flexible API gateway.

Infermedica Triage – Provides early symptoms analysis, intelligent interviewing, and triage assessment

Infermedica Intake – Enhances the quality of medical consultations and empowers providers through pre-visit intake and data collection

Infermedica Follow-up – Assures the patient is on track post-visit by supporting post-visit communication and treatment plan adherence.

As a result of this launch, Infermedica grows closer to its vision of making primary care more affordable, accessible, and efficient for everyone.

Stefan Galluppi, CMO and Chief Innovation Officer at LifeMD, one of Infermedica’s new B2B technology partners and first to pilot Infermedica Intake, said, “We created LifeMD’s telehealth platform to make personalized care more accessible and convenient, and we are partnering with other healthtech leaders such as Infermedica to achieve this goal. By integrating new and innovative technologies like the Infermedica Intake module, we can support the evolving needs of patients and advance the quality of care we provide.”

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