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Infobip and BT Collaborates to Strengthen Customer Experience Offerings

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Infobip, a global communications platform for businesses and developers, has recently announced partnership with a leading telecommunications company, BT. This collaboration will help businesses in providing personalized customer experience across multiple channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Rich Communications Services (RCS).

Following the collaboration, Infobip will provide messaging services to BT’s business clients to facilitate seamless communication between businesses and customers. With the increasing demands for communication between businesses and customers, it is crucial that reliable communication channels are established to bridge communication gap between employees and customers. With this collaboration, businesses can enrich customer experience by communicating efficiently through Infobip’s messaging solutions.

Robert Jones, Head of Messaging at BT, commented, “Customers expect to be able to interact with brands quickly, seamlessly and on the channel of their choice. By working with Infobip, we can offer our business customers the solutions they need to take customer communications to the next level, whilst getting to know their customer better through intelligent data insights.”

Infobip will provide their entire range of customer engagement solutions to BT’s business customers like SMS, RCS, and WhatsApp messages, Facebook Messenger services, and more. Moreover, businesses would also be able to extract actionable insights from customer data and understand customer preferences and requirements from their behavior, shopping history, and engagement. Centralization of customer data within a single platform would allow businesses to gain a comprehensive understanding of their customers.

“Our ambition is to provide a more open and integrated arena to power exceptional digital customer experiences. We know that customers are more demanding than ever and expect communication beyond SMS and email. Businesses need to be where their customers are, which is why we’re delighted to join forces with BT to ensure its enterprise customers can design and orchestrate personalized customer experiences across a plethora of channels through a scalable communications platform”, said Chris Pozzi, Senior Telecom Partnerships Manager at Infobip.

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