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Informatica Announces New Cloud Integration with Databricks

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Informatica has announced a new collaboration with Databricks that allows businesses to leverage Informatica and Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform to expedite the democratization of their data.

Pankaj Dugar, VP Product Partnerships at Databricks, said, “The cloud-native data integrations represent a new chapter in the Informatica-Databricks partnership. The introduction of these new features will deliver a streamlined experience for our joint customers and make it easier than ever to leverage Informatica’s IDMC pipeline capabilities with the power and performance of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.”

Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC) now includes cloud-native, low-code, no-code data integration that transforms data directly within Databricks SQL, allowing users outside of IT to benefit from Databricks’ performance and scale. Informatica’s no-code data pipelines are simple to set up, take much less time to design, and are much easier to reuse and manage than hand-coding.

Rik Tamm-Daniels, VP Strategic Ecosystems, and Technology said, “No-code data pipelines are an important capability in scaling data and analytics in the cloud, and we are excited to bring together the rich capabilities of IDMC with the performance and scale of Databricks in a seamless user experience. This allows users to jumpstart their workflows in Databricks SQL and get insights faster from their data lakehouse.”

With the following essential capabilities, Informatica’s IDMC is extending the native performance and scale of Databricks to additional users:

  • Transfers huge amounts of data in less time – Informatica’s IDMC provides no-code, enterprise-grade data pipelines that can run natively on Databricks, allowing you to move huge amounts of data in minutes. IDMC also features Database Mass Ingestion, which moves huge amounts of data into Databricks Delta in minutes using an easy-to-use, wizard-like user interface.
  • Simplify business users’ access to and use of data – Data democratization is the most important facilitator of data-driven digital transformation. Users at all levels of an organization (not just IT) can now take advantage of Databricks’ enterprise-grade scale and performance thanks to Informatica’s low-code, no-code data integration.

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