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Infosenseglobal Launches No-Code AI Platform ML Sense

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Comprehensive IT solutions and service provider, Infosenseglobal launched one of a kind no-code artificial intelligence (AI)platform ML Sense. The new platform helps in quickly developing machine learning models. Over 40 machine and deep learning models are ready to use right out of the box. End-users can use this product to ingest data in CSV or industry-standard formats from their local desktop or from different cloud sources.

Rajesh Hassija, CTO, Infosenseglobal Inc. stated, “The good news is that this is just the beginning. ML sense platform is built on top of various open-source mainstream technologies to automate the lifecycle of machine learning (ML) applications. Our next goal is to launch this in the marketplace offered by the major cloud providers. The marketplace provides an option to deploy ML Sense in the customers’ existing cloud ecosystem. The idea is to provide an alternative solution wherein the customers are not required to bring the data to our platform. This would address the data privacy and compliance-related concerns of our customers. Additionally, many more exciting features and cloud connectors are in the product pipeline soon to be released.”

Using simple and predefined data connectors for finance and manufacturing, existing ERP clients can make use of the platform for their daily AI or machine learning (ML) needs. The platform that is believed to be a game-changer can perform rapid experimentation with natural and easy functionalities at a speed that has previously not been witnessed. Automatic feature selection and engineering, data transformation, scenario builder, validation of hypothesis, etc are available in the fully free SaaS offering.

Without the requirement for technical professionals such as engineers and data scientists, business end-users may begin and execute ML initiatives using ML Sense. Furthermore, users would not require any prior understanding of programming, statistics, or sophisticated abilities in order to develop and select which ML models will work for their business case.

Infosenseglobal was founded in 2006 and has offices in the United States and India. It provides cutting-edge technical business solutions. Infosenseglobal specializes in designing and delivering customized artificial intelligence and machine learning systems for some of the world’s biggest corporations, backed by significant knowledge and experience.

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