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InMoment Expands AI Technology to Enhance Customer Experience

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To gain a better understanding of the team and users, InMoment unveiled a new experience improvement (XI) platform. The innovation helps organizations deliver a better customer experience through human and machine expertise. A successful organization must find a balance between humans and AI to deliver a better customer experience.

“The further investment in InMoment AI means we can now offer our clients the unique capability to identify transformative insights from previously inaccessible data to make unprecedented impact,” said Andrew Joiner, CEO of InMoment “Whether it’s using conversational surveys to solicit richer feedback, using machine learning and natural language processing on new unstructured datasets to surface growth opportunities, or using AI algorithms to predict and pre-emptively act on emotion or intention—InMoment AI has a solution to help brands improve experiences at every step in the customer journey.”

The recent acquisition of data analytics giant Lexalytics also adds the experience of two decades of NLP and machine learning to the organization. This combination will enable the platform to make accurate decisions based on gathered AI.

Intelligent data management enables firms to gain insights into customer behavior. This will also enable to provide a better conversation which will enable to deliver a better customer experience. The intelligence-driven action will help to take actions based on experience.

“As the world moves beyond structured surveys, superior machine learning and NLP/NLU are key to unlocking the insights available in all of a company’s data, both structured and unstructured,” said Mehul Nagrani, General Manager, AI Product & Technology at InMoment. “InMoment AI is the key to understanding omnichannel experience journeys and solving the issue of a siloed and fragmented view of the customer, employee, and market.”

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