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InMoment Updates its Experience Improvement Platform to Enhance Customer Experience

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InMoment, a leading provider of Experience Improvement (XI) solutions, announced the release of major updates to its XI platform to enable organizations to deliver integrated experiences throughout a customer’s journey. With these updates, InMoment intends to help companies to acquire, retain, and grow their customer base and to improve business performance on a single integrated platform.

The new integrated XI applications are aimed at helping companies understand and act on the changing needs of customers across customer lifecycle. The new features include:

Product Experience Cloud: It is an experience ecosystem designed to give customer experience teams perspective on how product engagement affects the whole customer experience while also assisting product managers, developers, and UX designers in understanding friction areas that need to be resolved.

Data Exploration: This search-based text analytics solution analyses unstructured data from various sources for a single integrated view of experiences based on key themes, underlying sentiment, relative customer effort, intent, and emotion to help businesses examine feedback and act more quickly.

Moments: This real-time mobile app is designed to socialize customer experience feedback through a curated data feed that can be viewed on a phone, tablet, or monitor display in an office setting. It can assist teams in driving improvement while they are on the go by sharing feedback, adding experiences to a group of similar comments, and closing the feedback loop to develop stronger customer relationships.

Spotlight: It is an application for power users that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) that automates the real-time discovery of insights from all types of customer experience signals in order to increase employee and customer recruitment as well as customer recovery and retention.

ReviewTrackers: With the help of ReviewTrackers, businesses can use both solicited and unsolicited feedback to offer in-depth customer insights, analytics, and actionable information. The ReviewTrackers applications are accessible in the InMoment MX (market experience) cloud for complete customer review management.

Andrew Joiner, CEO at InMoment, said, “In order to win in the experience economy, companies need to deliver integrated experiences across the entire customer journey. It’s not just about customer satisfaction, it’s about new customer acquisition, retention, growth and profitability. It’s not a game of metric watching or even managing. It is about improving. We have made major investments—both through technological innovation and strategic acquisitions, to help our clients be able to design and deliver experience improvement at scale.”

In addition to the integrated XI applications, some enhancements have been made to the existing XI applications to enhance inclusion, data workflows, and intelligent decision-making. They include survey, reporting, workflow, and InMoment AI.


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