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insightsoftware Brings Unified Data Integration in the Cloud

insightsoftware Brings Unified Data Integration in the Cloud
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insightsoftware, a leading provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions has come up with Magnitude Angles for Oracle 22.1. insightsoftware acquired Magnitude Software and got the ownership of original Angles product family, including Angles for Oracle. The recent most Angles for Oracle release are on the spree to resolve the biggest issues related with enterprise data integration by enabling users to get important data utilizing a single, cloud-accessible user interface. 

Angles for Oracle is a top-rated operational reporting and analytics solution that was initially created to assist enterprise data reach its full potential by providing useful insights. The solution provides a context-aware, process-driven business data model as its Oracle Business Applications is empowered with no-code business reports, over 18, 00 pre-built libraries. Several new features are included in Angles for Oracle 22.1 that boost usefulness, productivity, and agility. 

Lee An Schommer, Chief Product Officer at insightsoftware, stated, “This version of Angles for Oracle offers a significant enhancement for our Angles customers because it makes business insights ubiquitous within an organization and allows customers to get the most value out of their ERP and BI investments. Organizations can download, install, and have a personalized version of Angles in Microsoft Power BI or other BI tools of choice in just minutes. This release cements insightsoftware’s leadership in the reporting space for Oracle and is a highly attractive upgrade opportunity for existing customers.” 


Angles for Oracle 22.1 offers new templates for reporting on Oracle Cloud Applications as well as a one-stop shop for management, administration, and orchestration of Angles Views, the tool that converts intricate corporate datasets into identifiable business views (OCA). 

The new central web portal, Angles Hub, which integrates operational on-premises reporting and cloud analytics in a single user-friendly interface, will also enable real self-service reporting through the release. It includes “Google-like” search functionality that makes it simpler and quicker for users to access and understand data. It also enables users to source and share data on their own without having to have a deep understanding of ERP structures and lessens the administrative burden that comes with updating enterprise applications.  


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