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insightsoftware Expands Angles Product Line

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Reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions provider, insightsoftware, which enhances financial intelligence has extended its Angles product Line through the introduction of new no-code operational reporting solutions for NetSuite and Deltek. Through its acquisition of Magnitude Software, insightsoftware acquired the original Angles product line, including Angles for SAP and Angles for Oracle. insightsoftware used award-winning technology from Logi Analytics to enable NetSuite, Deltek Vision, and Deltek Vantagepoint customers to design, create, and share dynamic dashboards and reports across all divisions of an organization.

Lee An Schommer, Chief Product Officer, insightsoftware stated, “Angles fills a void in the market that has existed for far too long. We know that teams across their organizations struggle to produce critical recurring reports. It’s often an overly technical, time-consuming, complex, and manual process to build operational reports by dumping data into spreadsheets. Angles streamline the process. Reports that once took hours – sometimes even days – to create can now be completed near instantaneously. “

Most of the issues faced by organizations in relation to their reporting tools can be solved using the new solution. The challenges that finance and operations teams confront are twofold: the nature and rising need for operational data and analytics, as well as the reality that the tools at their disposal are not designed to manage the data or analysis. Often, organizations are hampered by the restrictions of existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system reports, which require IT assistance to adjust, or they rely on business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools, which do not account for the dimensionality of financial data or reporting.

Angles solutions link directly to important data sources and integrate with existing ERP systems by saving money and risk and also by reducing risk and the need for technical experts. Angles offers pre-built operational reporting information for any ERP system. Finance and non-finance users can quickly produce and evaluate reports that give a comprehensive, interactive perspective of a company’s activities across various departments. The new launch enables the finance teams to get adapted to the changing business world by providing valuable operational data and analysis reports to the business leaders in their daily operations.

Jim Triandiflou, the CEO, of insightsoftware, commented, “The need for better operational reporting became increasingly clear to us through our relationships with the Office of the CFO. We’ve invested in this space to help speed up operational report production and make it as seamless as possible for teams to partner together across an organization. “Through our acquisition of Magnitude Software, we acquired the impressive Angles for SAP and Angles for Oracle solutions. We leveraged strategy and insight from these, and technology from our acquisition of Logi Analytics, to expand Angles to serve mid-market enterprises. insightsoftware is an innovator in financial and operational reporting, and the expansion of the Angles product line reflects our team’s commitment to deliver the most robust, efficient solutions to our customers.”

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