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Intellect Data Introduces Advanced Text, Image, and Video Analytics Platform Intellect INFER

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Software solution firm incorporating data science and artificial intelligence (AI), Intellect Data recently announced Intellect² INFER. The platform provides solutions for quickly analyzing videos, texts, and images and provides insights that help for business purposes. INFER leverages Intellect2 TM to automate the application of data science to real-world issues (AutoML), resulting in better, quicker, and simpler solutions. INFER’s SaaS and APIs use embedded machine learning, deep learning, and AI components to allow quick deployment.

Todd Smith, CEO, Intellect Data stated “We are excited to make INFER available to businesses of all sizes, to empower them with state-of-the-art technology providing significant value with ease of implementation, without the out-sized expense. We believe that every company can benefit from our technology to improve their operations, products, sales, and service.”

Advanced data analysis functions such as optical character recognition (OCR), text extraction, classification, sentiment analysis, image classification, image similarity detection of objects, segmentation of images, anomaly detections, etc. can be done using the modern data platform offered by INFER. Loading, annotating, labeling, deducing, and modeling data at scale are among the system’s characteristics.

Intellect INFER’s no-code and low-code capabilities will help in reducing the heavy workload associated with the projects and also enhances the data value. The data science productivity can be rapidly accelerated and helps to discover information and relationships that are hidden in the file systems. The platform uses pre-built and custom training models for business purposes and inexperienced people can also handle the platform which is a user-friendly one.

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