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Intellicus 22.1 Introduces Better User Experience, Social Media Analytics

Intellicus imporves user experience
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Reiterating its dedication to providing exceptional customer service, Intellicus Technologies announced the release of version 22.1 of its flagship suite. Intellicus 22.1 makes it simpler than ever to obtain practical insights that guide strategic business decisions thanks to a number of improvements and new features across many functionalities. With multidimensional analytics, fresh data visualisation techniques, and a brand-new social media analytics dashboard, the most recent edition of this business intelligence (BI) tool will significantly improve user experience.

Some highlights of Intellicus 22.1 are:

Improved Customer Experience: Intellicus 22.1 totally reengineers user experience with a thorough interface redesign that focuses on usability and a programmable homepage.

Advanced Visualizations: The new version includes heat maps, which provide an accessible, geographical picture of data, and chord diagrams, which help uncover deeper connections hidden in data.

Social Media Analytics: Organizations can plan an examination of one or more hashtags to get a sense of customer sentiment using integrated Twitter analytics.

Customize Reports: Intellicus 22.1 allows users to edit both OLAP and Studio reports, and with expanded PDF and PPTX capabilities, to export whole drill-downs as a single document.

New Alerts: One notable feature is a seamless cross-device interaction with notifications sent via email and the Intellicus mobile application.

Talking about the new version of the BI reporting platform, Rajesh Murthy, Founder Architect & VP Engineering at Intellicus Technologies, stated, “Our focus has always been on providing a feature-rich analytical experience to the users. This new release compliments our vision to democratize data literacy across organizations and enable self-service data analytics. The new enhancements will help the users in getting quick insights and making data-driven strategic business decisions”.

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