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Inter.ai Introduces Control Center For CX Managers

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Inter.ai Inc., a US software company that provides a Customer Lifetime Platform for customer service teams in direct-to-consumer (D2C) businesses, has added several new features that enhance the capabilities of customer service teams.

Interai’s technology has now assisted service teams in creating a customer single pane of glass, consolidating all of their admin and back-office systems – billing, orders, products, subscriptions, and more – without the need for any integrations, APIs, or development efforts. This gives them access to all of the customer’s information, policies, and offers from a single platform, allowing the service team to provide seamless, personalized service that boosts customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction.

Managers can now incorporate their CX strategy into every interaction, verify its consistent execution and, as a result, the company’s highest standards, track and optimize its performance. There is no longer a need for agents to rely solely on memorization, manual lookup of training materials, communications, and the Knowledge Base, or to juggle and make sense of multiple systems containing scattered customer data.

Agents can now provide efficient, consistent, and personalized service that is in line with the company’s highest CX standards and focused on value. Adding value, reclaiming time spent juggling systems, and having tailored retention and upsell offers in hand allows agents to make the most of every interaction, and the organization as a whole to avoid churn, generate revenue and improve CSAT.

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