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InteractiveTel Announces the Customer Experience Platform “TotalCX”

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AI-powered communication service and customer interaction analytics provider, InteractiveTel has unveiled its customer experience platform, TotalCX. Automotive dealers will be able to provide a better customer experience (CX) through quality and accurate service and sales via accurate decision-making capabilities provided through a platform backed by artificial intelligence (AI) and automation with human power.

“Interactions between your team and your customers can mean the difference between success and failure. That’s why we’ve developed TotalCX, the first customer experience platform that includes the people, processes, and technology dealers need to drive success and curb missed revenue opportunities, “commented Gary Graves, CEO of InteractiveTel.

Any on-premises or cloud-based phone system can also use the TotalCX end-to-end sales and service intelligence engine. The platform helps businesses with activities of sales and service by providing leads through call tracking. Sales and service interactions can be instantly monitored using the platform. TotalCX also enables users to live track and copy an entire call session and identify the customer mood by analyzing the keywords.

TotalCX also helps its users identify poorly handled service calls and missed sales opportunities. The platform also helps in responding instantly to emails or text messages. Call performances can be managed efficiently, and insights and reports can be easily obtained through the platform.

Sales and service efficiency can be enhanced using TotalCX’s AI and automation. Users will be able to detect and immediately respond to service issues and sales opportunities by analyzing the communications with the customers using call recording and conversational AI technology.

Two new solutions, named SenseiCX Call Performance Training and GuardianCX Response Alert Team, are included in the TotalCX platform. The SenseiCX Call Performance training solutions help in improving customer experience skills, customer satisfaction, and revenue. The missed sales opportunities can be retained, and mishandled calls can also be brought back on track using the GuardianCX Response Alert Team.

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