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Intercom Introduces New Features to Enhance Customer Experience

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Intercom, a leading engagement OS, recently introduced Intercom SMS, a two-way SMS solution that allows sales, marketing, and support teams to engage and communicate with consumers. It replaces the status quo, one-sided SMS tools, and dead-end text messages that are impersonal for customers and disconnected for businesses and offers no-code platform features like Custom Actions and Custom Objects, businesses can quickly create customized self-serve support experiences.

To provide customers with real-time information during a conversation like order status or payment details, and to enable customers to take actions, such as updating their contact information or canceling reservations, features have been added that link Intercom’s bots with first-party data. Custom Actions and Custom Objects are two examples of how Intercom is constructing the future of automated support as customer care undergoes a once-in-a-generation transformation.

In recent years, Intercom has invested in enabling omnichannel customer communication across multiple channels, including email, surveys, push notifications, in-app messages, WhatsApp, and more. Intercom’s Engagement OS has consistently leveraged the power of AI and bots for more personalized and swifter customer interactions.

Jane Honey, Senior Product Director at Intercom, commented, “Intercom exists to help businesses provide better experiences for their customers. These new features help businesses make the most out of every opportunity they have to connect with a customer—whether it’s building stronger customer relationships through two-way conversations or leveraging automation for faster and better experiences for both their support teams and customers.”

To create comprehensive customer journeys, Intercom SMS can be used in conjunction with Intercom’s omnichannel offering, as it is a fully integrated solution that is embedded natively into the Intercom platform. It combines mass outbound SMS with SMS support and doesn’t require a different tool or provider. Customer service representatives can reply to SMS messages within the Intercom Inbox and send mass targeted and personalized SMS messages, which both boost engagement and motivate clients to act.

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