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InterSystems Announces New PaaS HealthShare Health Connect Cloud

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A creative data technology company focused on helping clients tackle the most important scalability, interoperability, and performance concerns, InterSystems formally unveiled the release of its Platform as a Service (PaaS), HealthShare Health Connect Cloud. The compatibility and data integration between clinical systems and applications can be improved while administering the entire infrastructure. Improved patient outcomes can be generated by ensuring delivery, reliability, and stability through enhanced automation and management.

Many businesses and healthcare organizations have transferred their workload data to clouds recently. The misconception that the cloud is insecure has made organizations stay away from the cloud. HealthShare Health Connect Cloud will help users make use of the advanced security available through the cloud platforms by delivering massive scalability and accessibility. The platform simplifies the process and reduces the time required for system operations.

“Health Connect Cloud meets healthcare organizations at the intersection of the cloud and data exchange, providing them with the integration engine required to automate the secure delivery of patient data across multiple disparate systems. Health Connect has a proven track record of success in demanding and data-intensive environments. Health Connect Cloud will empower organizations to accelerate data integration and connectivity processes, reduce resource and IT staff requirements, and improve overall patient outcomes,” commented Alex MacLeod, Director of Healthcare Commercial Initiatives at InterSystems.

The performance of the system can be enhanced using the Health Connect Cloud. The platform helps in handling the cloud infrastructure and identifies the learning curves around cloud migration. This will help organizations connect and compile scattered datasets and increase their workflows. Instant integration of sensitive patient information is uploaded and transferred across the cloud solutions between multiple applications.

Critical applications can be securely integrated using the services of InterSystems that are available 24 hours a day. Resources, required translations, and tools required for customized health data representation are made available by offering high interoperability and versatility.

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