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Intersystems Updates its IRIS® Data Platform

Intersystems Updates its IRIS® Data Platform
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Intersystems, a leading provider of data technology in the healthcare, finance, and logistics sectors, updated its IRIS® Data Platform with new features. In an effort to advance data fabrics, the company also recently announced a number of new customer wins as well as a new alliance.

With the help of InterSystems IRIS, customers can adopt a microservices-based design without experiencing the usual problems that come with microservices in data-intensive applications. InterSystems customers can now avoid the difficulties in creating a data fabric from scratch, such as integration time and risk, architecture maintenance, high costs of maintaining multiple overlapping infrastructure services, and complexity related to data duplication, by adopting a unified data platform rather than dozens of individual services.

Latest updates of InterSystems IRIS contain new features and improvements that facilitate easy collaboration between data analysts and data scientists as well as Embedded Python and IntegratedML, which speed up and simplify the development of smart data fabric designs. Data scientists working on AI can now use measures, dimensions, and labels created by data analysts in BI that are immediately useable. On the other hand, data analysts can use ML models developed by data scientists directly in dashboards, reports, and applications. This feature streamlines processes and provides real-time business insights by connecting AI and BI together without having to relocate the data.

Furthermore, additional improvements have been made to Adaptive Analytics, which offers self-service capabilities, enabling business users to freely explore the data, ask ad hoc questions, and drill down via additional queries based on preliminary findings. Some improvements have also been made to performance and scalability to handle high throughput and high-performance transactional analytics use cases. Data exploration, business intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning are just a few of the built-in analytics capabilities that InterSystems will offer when integrated into a data fabric, making them useful to both business users and data scientists.

Additionally, InterSystems has improved the InterSystems Kubernetes Operator (IKO) to facilitate the scaling up and administration of data-intensive applications in Kubernetes. InterSystems IRIS® and InterSystems IRIS for HealthTM are offered as managed cloud services, as are a number of cloud-based smart data services, such as InterSystems FHIR Transformation Services and InterSystems FHIR Server.

As evidence of the continued popularity of InterSystems IRIS among important areas including financial services and supply chain, InterSystems is also celebrating the addition of several new customers, including UST and Harris Associates.

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