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Intrado Enables Its Conversational AI Capability Mosaicx on Google Cloud Marketplace

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Mosaicx, a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solution by Intrado Corporation, a global leader in technology-enabled services, is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Mosaicx understands the intent of the discussion, unlike typical customer support solutions like interactive voice response (IVR), which rely on menus and phone trees. The addition of this new, advanced inbound and outbound customer technology to Google Cloud Marketplace has made it even easier for businesses to get the tools they need to provide their customers with outstanding conversational experiences. Clients can use Mosaicx solutions to apply usage to their Google commitment.

“Conversational AI is one of the hottest topics in the customer service industry today, yet there is still a stigma that it’s too confusing or too difficult to implement. For over 30 years we have helped bridge that gap for our clients, making customer experience easier than ever,” stated Patty Watson, President of Intrado Cloud Collaboration.

Three components are mainly included in the Mosaicx, which is a Google Cloud-based technology. Proprietary communication gateway, speech engine utilizing Dialogflow, and proprietary orchestration framework are the three main contents in Mosaicx. These components work together to allow customers and Mosaicx success coaches to create service modules that achieve their major goals such as loyalty enhancement through customer experience, cost reduction, and revenue generation.

Speeches or text can be understood b Mosaicx Conversational AI with the help of machine learning technology. This also enables organizations to reply back to the customer query by understanding the situation also. Customers can explain their issues in their own words using Mosaicx platform and can answer customer queries, transfer funds, collect information regarding an account, and payment management, and can manage more complex customer scenarios by collecting the voice of the customer data. It can handle both speech and text at the same time, allowing clients to receive a text while conversing with the virtual assistant. The end result is a smooth dialogue that improves client experiences while lowering. Customers can get an SMS while speaking with the virtual assistant since it can operate speech and text concurrently. Consequently, customers will have a more pleasant experience while paying less for agents and waiting longer.

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