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Iodine Software Announce Acquisition of ChartWise Medical Systems

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Iodine Software recently announced that they have acquired ChartWise Medical System, a CDI Software and Services company. Iodine Software is a leading healthcare AI company that provides a new machine learning approach that helps healthcare finance leaders to develop resilient organizations.

This acquisition will be combining ‘Best in KLAS’ workflow with Iodine’s market-leading clinical AI and accelerate clinical prediction to hospitals and health systems.KLAS Research has identified ChartWise and Iodine as a leading and top-performing CDI company. KLAS is known to be trustworthy in healthcare professionals as unbiased research and performance benchmarking.

William Chan, co-founder, and CEO of Iodine Software said, “ChartWise has been a top performer in addressing the needs of CDI teams for many years. Not only do they open access for Iodine to a whole new set of hospitals and health systems, but they also bring capabilities and new product innovations that will expand our offerings to the clinical documentation teams we serve.”

ChartWise Medical Systems, Inc., provides solutions for Computer-Assisted Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI). Its scalable Software as a Service (SaaS) assists physicians and clinical documentation specialists and has capabilities of prioritization, electronic queries, flexible workflow, and so on.

Steven J. Mason, Jr., President, and CEO of ChartWise Medical Systems commented, “The key to success in the CDI market today is all about product depth and automation across the entire inpatient and outpatient continuum of care. Providers and payers need smart, proven workflow tools to optimize results for CDI specialists, physicians, and quality, HIM, and revenue cycle leaders. Iodine customers now have the benefit of the top three best-in-breed CDI solutions: Iodine, ChartWise, and Artifact — all under one umbrella. We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities this acquisition provides for our collective customers and other leading CDI-driven healthcare organizations.”

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