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IOTICS Announces a Strategic Partnership with Optimal

IOTICS Announces a Strategic Partnership with Optimal
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IOTICS, a leading data architecture company, recently collaborated with an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) company, Optimal. Through this partnership, both the companies aim to enhance the value of data in asset management by combining Optimal’s Asset Reliability as a Service (ARaaS) with IOTICS’ data ecosystem enablement technology.

It is important for businesses under pressure to adopt data-driven maintenance strategies to boost dependability, optimize performance, and extract value from assets for longer periods of time. By combining physical and digital solutions as part of the ARaaS concept, this partnership enables asset owners to maximize the value of their assets.

To efficiently deal with rising maintenance costs, asset downtime, and functional failures, this alliance combines experience and expertise in asset performance management while focusing on streamlining operations and boosting asset reliability. Additionally, to provide relevant insights to the right people at the right time, it combines technologies that enable secure, selective data sharing across business boundaries without sacrificing security or control.

Gemma Beard, Head of Partnerships, IOTICS, said, “With this partnership we are looking forward to enabling Optimal’s subject matter expertise in the asset management space with our technology, to provide interoperable right-time data for their ARaaS proposition and further broaden our ecosystem of partners.”

With extensive experience in the utilities, infrastructure, oil & gas, and transportation sectors, this partnership is utilizing asset management know-how along with secure, developing data ecosystems to boost asset efficiency and Return on Investment (ROI), expand business bottom lines, and spot operational opportunities in real-time.

Furthermore, by integrating IOTICS technology and Optimal’s services into current OT/IT systems, it makes it possible to make data Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR), which will quickly increase ROI, lower operating costs, and provide scalable building blocks for enterprise data and asset management strategies without requiring architectural rework.

Alisdair Cook, Director UK and Europe, Optimal, said, “Optimal are thrilled to be adding IOTICS to our collective of carefully selected partners. Digital Twins are the present and the future in asset intensive industries, and to be able to bring a solution with the capability of IOTICS alongside our expertise in how to get the best value from asset data is exciting, both for us and the industry. ARaaS delivers ongoing value to our clients and underpinning this with technology like IOTICS means our services are for the now, tomorrow and beyond.”


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