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iQor Choses AI-Driven Performance Enablement Platform

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iQor, a Florida, US-based customer experience technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) service provider, unveiled its selection of the AmplifAI AI-driven performance enablement platform. The selection of the platform has been done to enhance efficiency and offer outstanding employee and customer experiences.

The Performance Enablement and Employee Engagement platform from AmplifAI combines with all client and internal data to create frontline executives and leaders who are more productive and engaged. The AI monitors performance and makes proactive coaching, recognition, and self-learning action recommendations while also evaluating the results to further enhance outcomes.

AmplifAI enables frontline leaders to deliver rapid, targeted, and effective employee development and engagement across their teams by giving access to simplified data. Through a single system that prioritizes activities, key behaviors, and performance indicators (KPI) for iQor’s clients, AmplifAI gives supervisors access to performance data and AI-driven recommendations, empowering them to assist more frontline personnel in quickly developing specialized abilities.

Martin Lehtio, Chief Operating Officer at iQor, commented, “iQor’s selection of AmplifAI is part of the ongoing expansion of our digital ecosystem. Our frontline associates and leaders are our most important assets. Our investment in AmplifAI to further develop, coach, engage, and retain our frontline employees and leaders has delivered higher employee satisfaction and excellent customer experience improvements for our clients.”

AmplifAI empowers frontline associates, backed by their leaders, by finding a specific and measurable goal with a target date to reach it. All workflows inside AmplifAI line up to that goal so coaches have good understanding of what to coach and how to coach it.

John Kruper, Senior Vice President of Global Learning and Development at iQor, stated, “After a comprehensive evaluation process that included piloting the platform with one of our clients, we selected AmplifAI. The AI-driven platform enables supervisors to coach, recognize, and engage more agents, more frequently, in less time, with more specific and purposeful development that yields fantastic results.”



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