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ITA Group Enhances Channel Sales Claim Management using AI-Powered Solution

ITA Group Enhances Channel Sales Claim Management using AI-Powered Solution
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Custom-crafted global engagement solutions provider, ITA solutions introduced AI-powered processing and management solutions. An easy photo upload or direct feed from distributors and wholesalers is replaced with human-driven processes and forms in the new solution. In order to detect and confirm product-specific goods for eligibility—even among competing brands on the same receipt—machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are utilized to dramatically improve the validation process by scraping information from invoice images. 

Ellen Linkenhoker, Channel Partner Solutions Lead for ITA Group stated, “To best support our clients and the market, we recognized we needed to deliver more scalable claims validation solutions and remove as much human error as possible. Our innovative claims process uses automation to reduce barriers to participation while delivering cost savings to our clients. It’s a win-win all the way around!” 

By evaluating all inputs with specially created mitigation rules based on machine learning, clients are protected from overpayments and attempted fraud. The administrative burden is greatly reduced by relying on human intervention only for items that the system flags as suspect. The upgrades make it easier to submit claims and save clients up to 75% on claims processing costs when done manually. 

“We’ve simplified highly complex processes to improve partner program engagement and enablement. We believe this enhancement to claims management sets ITA Group ahead of competitors and propels us from a strong performer into industry-leading territory,” stated ITA Group Vice President of Client Strategy Kristin Brandenburgh. 

The AI processing and management solution allow manual photo uploading, manual submissions, bulk uploads, and integrations with distributors, wholesalers, eCommerce platforms, and ERP or product management systems to assist clients to achieve the most sell-through data possible. 


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