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Iterable Enables Individualised Customer Communication Through its New AI Optimization Suite

Iterable announced new AI optimization suite
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Cross channel marketing platform that delivers unified customer experience (CX), Iterable has announced the launch of its new artificial intelligence (AI) optimization suite. The suite includes Predictive Goals with Explainable AI, as well as Brand Affinity and Send Time Optimization, two of its more established AI offerings. Brands can execute outcome-based marketing strategies that promote enhanced, and customized customer experiences with the help of the Iterable AI Optimization Suite.

Brands can create more intelligent personalization strategies using Iterable’s Predictive Goals, which offers the most flexible and intelligent solution. Predictive Objectives develop personalized projections that project how probable it is for a brand’s customer base to convert to its goals. Marketers can use these predictions to intelligently construct specific customer segments, tweak their message on conversion-maximizing campaigns, and accelerate their testing for optimum effect.

“Our AI Optimization Suite unlocks limitless possibilities for our customers, who now have access to powerful AI tools that are comprehensive and entirely customizable. With detailed insight into how customer behaviors are correlated to specific goals and business outcomes, marketers can approach their work with the strategic, high-impact mindset of a data scientist. Understanding the inner workings (the ‘why’ and ‘how’) behind the intelligent system gives marketers the clarity and confidence to improve and refine the predictions they create, design goals that fit their unique business needs, and implement fresh ideas about how to approach building customer-first campaigns,” stated Bela Stepanova, Senior Vice President of Product at Iterable.

Marketers can utilize a multitude of insights from Explainable AI in their next efforts and have a solid knowledge of exactly which data points Predictive Goals are used to make their predictions. With the help of the new technology, marketers can now offer customized campaigns at scale and constantly refine their strategy with the knowledge and insights they need.

Major benefits of the new suite include delivering a customized sales experience, leveraging data insights to enhance results, and enhancing the potential of users’ mobile data. Iterable’s updated Templates help marketers the option to speed up the message development process by accurately testing and evaluating dynamic content, increasing predictability at the individual level. These updates guarantee that advertisers are reaching the appropriate users with material catered to their specific preferences at the appropriate time. Marketers can evaluate and improve messages for optimum relevance and ROI with the help of Audience Analytics, which offers cohort-level insights. In order to promote visibility across teams, it is developed in a clear, adaptable dashboard layout.

Marketers can enhance the personalization of product announcements, present captivating new customer welcome messages, develop additional points of connection with visitors as they surf their websites on mobile and desktop, and do much more. Iterable’s latest mobile advancements enables marketers to automatically gather event data, even while a device is offline, ensuring that the customer journey is activated at any time and from any location.

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