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Iterate.ai Announces Partnership with NVIDIA Inception

Iterate.ai Announces Partnership with NVIDIA Inception
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Iterate.ai, a leading low-code artificial intelligence (AI) platform, recently collaborated with a leader in accelerated computing, NVIDIA Inception.

Through its rapid development low-code platform, Interplay, Iterate.ai focuses on creating AI and IoT applications. Iterate enables low-code drag-and-drop connections between the main AI engines, IoT connectivity platforms, and legacy system APIs as containerized nodes on a single platform, enabling the quick development of complex AI applications. Other projects use machine learning for data modeling and involve license plate readers, threat and weapon detection systems, vehicle damage estimation, and sophisticated international document tracing.

With low-code applications that leverage the program’s extensive datasets, software development kits, enterprise customers, and future advancements on GPU-based complicated AI training, Iterate will be able to penetrate the enterprise to a greater extent, thanks to NVIDIA Inception. Additionally, Iterate will get the chance to work with other AI-driven firms and industry leaders through Inception.

NVIDIA Inception supports entrepreneurs during crucial phases of product creation, prototyping, and implementation. Every NVIDIA Inception member receives a unique package of recurring perks, including credits for the NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute, marketing support, and technical assistance, which gives businesses the essential resources they need to succeed.

Brian Sathianathan, CTO and Co-founder at Iterate.ai, said, “We are happy to be joining NVIDIA Inception, as we have seen members push AI technology forward in revolutionary ways around 3D modeling, image recognition, and very large datasets. We are confident that our Interplay low-code platform will help in developing more applications around these same data to the benefit of our enterprise clients.”


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