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Iveda Introduces New AI-driven 4G Body Camera

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Iveda has announced the release of the next-generation VEMO, an artificial intelligence (AI) body camera. Face identification, license plate recognition, object search, and other AI functionalities are all available through VEMO’s integration with IvedaAI intelligent video search technology.

David Ly, CEO of Iveda, said, “Our partnership with Clearview and their affiliation with law enforcement associations give us a new sales channel for VEMO and IvedaAI. We’ve been collaborating on many lucrative projects, and we plan to share more in future announcements.”

Clearview Asset Protection, which specializes in selling to law enforcement and the military, has signed a reseller arrangement with Iveda. Lance Thomas, founder, and president of ClearView Asset Protection said, “We’re excited to partner with Iveda. For such advanced technology, VEMO is easy to set up and user-friendly. It’s effortless to integrate with the solutions we provide our domestic and international customers.”

VEMO uses 4G to send live video to headquarters and can also be used as a walkie-talkie with a push-to-talk feature (PTT). PTT allows the bodycam to communicate with headquarters and perhaps other VEMO devices in the same group. The WiFi capability of VEMO makes it suitable for city-wide installations. Where WiFi infrastructure exists, this saves the city money on cellular data. When the 5G network is generally available, VEMO will be ready. Several public safety organizations have endorsed the updated VEMO.

VEMO’s interface with IvedaAI is unique in that it can stream straight into the IvedaAI platform for real-time video analytics, such as searching for faces, objects, or license plates. VEMO has a wide range of uses outside of law enforcement. It could be used for remote site surveys, medical, health, and safety applications, for example. For taxi and rideshare services, it might potentially be utilized as in-vehicle surveillance.

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