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Jumio Introduces End-to-End Orchestration For its KYX Platform

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Jumio, a provider of AI-powered identity verification, eKYC, and AML solutions, announced a new no-code orchestration layer for the KYX Platform that can automatically handle a variety of risk mitigation, compliance verifications, and AML processes.

As a pioneer of the ID + selfie approach to identity verification, Jumio has now expanded its platform capabilities significantly for business customers. KYX Platform now offers multi-layered, end-to-end risk detection and flexible workflows that enhance consumer visibility by giving a comprehensive understanding of any underlying risks in their identity.

Jumio CEO Robert Prigge, said, “Jumio’s next-generation KYX orchestration platform reimagines the process from one-off authentication to holistic user recognition and verification. Rather than treating all users as potential threats, the platform puts the business customer at the center of the verification process. This delivers a more seamless user experience that verifies consumer or employee data coupled with enhanced authentication using a document such as a government-issued ID.”

Fraudsters are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so businesses are having to layer in countless risk signals from multiple vendors in order to guard their ecosystems. Using the Jumio KYX platform, customers can orchestrate controls, assurances, and the API layer power, enabling them to achieve high catch rates and low false-positive rates while gaining meaningful insight into their end-users.

Jumio’s platform leverages its best-in-class identity verification technology, along with an orchestration layer, to meet today’s market challenges, namely widespread theft of personally identifiable information (PII) as a result of large-scale data breaches.

Jumio’s KYX Platform uses government-issued IDs and other data sources and risk signals to quickly identify and validate consumers, setting it apart from other providers whose data has been compromised. It provides enterprises with a no-code interface for creating customizable risk and fraud workflows and provides a unified risk score that allows them to compare multiple risks at once.

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