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K2View launches its Real-Time Data Platform with a 30-Day Free Trial

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K2View, a global leader in operational data management, announced the creation, delivery, and management of Data Products at a massive scale, in real-time. A free 30-day trial of the platform is currently available. It will democratize access to operational data across the enterprise, increasing IT agility and enabling data-driven innovation.

“Our vision is to become the data platform of choice for real-time operational workloads, in the same way that Snowflake and Google BigQuery have become the enterprise datastores for analytical workloads,” stated Achi Rotem, CEO of K2View. “K2View Data Product Platform is the only platform that makes trusted, operational data instantly accessible to any data consumer in the enterprise.”

A trusted picture of any business entity, such as a client, order, supplier, or gadget, is delivered through real-time data products. Every data product collects data from all relevant source systems for a certain entity and stores it in its own safe, high-performance Micro-Database. It also ensures that the Micro-Database is always up to date with new data and that authorized data consumers across the company have fast access to it.

“Thanks to the K2View platform, we’re now able to access the data that was previously trapped in our legacy systems, and leverage it for operational decision-making in real-time,” explained Victor Malka, VP, and CIO at Cellcom. “The platform supports key operational and analytical workloads, such as our customer service CRM, mobile workforce management app, self-service customer portals, and more. In the end, we benefit from increased agility and faster time to market.”

The versatility of the K2View platform to be deployed as a data fabric, data mesh, or data hub is unrivaled. Customers can also deploy the platform as a centralized data fabric or data hub and gradually phase into a federated data mesh architecture at their own pace, based on their business requirements and level of data management maturity.

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