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Kalyankar Solutions Unveils AI-Powered Search Solution Seqwa

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Analytics solution provider for businesses using artificial intelligence (AI), Kalyankar Solutions has announced the launch of an affordable AI-powered search solution named Seqwa. The solution enables organizations a cost-effective solution that integrates full-text search, semantic search, and personalized recommendations to search systems and eligible start-ups will be able to make use of credits worth $15,000 from Seqwa.

“Searching should be easy, and Seqwa brings a search solution with industry-leading features at an unprecedented price.” Indeed, Seqwa is the lowest-priced search service on the market. It saves over 75% of what it costs for other search solutions,” stated Nikhil Kalyankar, CEO of Kalyankar Analytics.

Seqwa provides affordability, reliability, power, and scalability to businesses which enables them to handle the solution without any headache. Unique search solutions can be built using the Seqwa solution, without upfront costs, hardware, software, or personal investments.

“Seqwa was born out of frustration with existing search technologies and a vision to bring state-of-the-art search algorithms to companies worldwide. Seqwa’s REST API is built on powerful machine learning models and provides a fast response time at a fraction of the cost,” commented Kalyankar Analytics’s founder and CEO, Nikhil Kalyankar.

The platform which is best for both small and large businesses provide robust REST API endpoints with facilities such as:

Autocomplete facilities to users which gives useful suggestions to them while searching leading to relevant content. The full-Text search facility is available as the raw and semantically analyzed text enables users to find matching phrases. The semantic Re-ranking facility enables to predict of the user intent by analyzing previous searches. Recommendation enables to find similarities between selected text or documents based on semantic similarity. User intent can be understood using the semantic search facility.

The artificial intelligence (AI) powered intelligent search technology delivers accurate information quickly to its users. Companies can make use of data to enhance their competitive edge by discovering potential customers.

Seqwa’s Autocomplete is powered by best-of-breed and native search technology, and it works more like a human than an algorithm. Beyond the fundamental words, Semantic Search for Intent identifies meaning. Seqwa will enable companies of all sizes to enhance their search strategy.

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