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KB Kookmin Bank Adopts DeepBrain AI’s AI Human Technology

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An artificial intelligence (AI) company, DeepBrain AI, announced that it has joined forces with KB Kookmin Bank, a leading financial firm, to introduce Korea’s first artificial intelligence (AI) banker kiosk.

DeepBrain AI CEO Eric Jang said, “The AI banker has endless possibilities that can be used for customer service with a variety of devices such as mobile devices as well as kiosks in the future. Based on DeepBrain AI’s recognized AI human technology and business value, we will continue to explore business routes so that it can be applied to more diverse fields.”

An AI human developed by DeepBrain AI can communicate with real-time in real-time via real-time interactions. It uses technologies such as speech synthesis, video synthesis, natural language processing, and speech recognition to communicate directly with users. The technology enables them to provide complete contactless service across various fields, helping to shorten customer waiting times and provide a secure counseling service for customers who prefer non-face-to-face counseling based on COVID-19 circumstances.

When consumers arrive at the kiosk, the AI banker greets them and answers their queries. All answers are derived using KB-STA, a financial language model developed by KB Kookmin Bank, and provided to consumers via the AI banker’s video and voice, which is powered by DeepBrain AI’s AI human technology.

It is possible to instruct users on how to utilize peripheral devices like STMs (Smart Automated Machines), ATMs (Automated Machines), and pre-writing services, as well as offer financial items and direct them to the kiosk installation site. It also includes information on daily conveniences such as financial common sense, current weather, and nearby amenities.


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