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KeyedIn Announces the Release of KeyedIn Enterprise 7.5

KeyedIn Announces the Release of KeyedIn Enterprise 7.5
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KeyedIn, a leading provider of cloud-based integrated business software systems, recently released the newest version of KeyedIn enterprise software. It is an updated and revamped version of the Project Portfolio Management (PPM) software that allows companies to mix top down and bottom up ways to expand agility. This software enables simultaneous use of all three styles of project management- traditional, agile, and hybrid. The improved user interface for KeyedIn Enterprise 7.5 is intended to increase acceptance among current users and draw in new users.

KeyedIn Enterprise, which is renowned for offering cutting-edge, adaptable, and highly scalable PPM solutions, is instrumental in changing how PMOs deliver insight-led decision-making for value-based results. In addition to its new combined project management capabilities, KeyedIn Enterprise 7.5 has improved team management for agile resourcing, added more data points to support AI-based machine learning, and extra agile-focused features to promote sales to SAFe-focused enterprises. Additionally, customers can now choose from a variety of themes on the new interface, including Dark Mode.

Customers who already use KeyedIn Enterprise have been upgraded to KeyedIn Enterprise 7.5 automatically, and they are already reaping the rewards of this new version. The layers of improvements incorporated within the program to increase user adoption and support new, more agile project management techniques will become more apparent as these customers continue to use it.

Lauri Klaus, CEO of KeyedIn Solutions, said, “As PMOs of enterprise organizations, across industries, including financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and automotive services continue to return to pre-pandemic levels of operations, they’re now facing the challenges of economic uncertainty. This latest version of KeyedIn Enterprise is the PPM solution businesses need right now to transition from project delivery to portfolio value. Whether it’s 50 or thousands of resources that need to be managed, working 50 or thousands of projects, version 7.5 represents the KeyedIn team’s best thinking in making the solution more effective, while delighting current customers with practical and user-friendly enhancements.”

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