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Klaviyo Announces Acquisition of Napkin.io

Klaviyo Announces Acquisition of Napkin.io
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Klaviyo, a unified customer platform for email, SMS, etc, recently acquired Napkin.io, a Meerbusch-based IT service provider specializing in programming, advertisement, and cyber security. Founded in January 2021, Napkin.io offers developers an easy and safe way to write and distribute code directly from a browser. Once live, the code can be scheduled to run on a regular basis or published as an API endpoint.

With its first purchase, Klaviyo emphasizes its commitment to the developer community. Following the acquisition, Nick Sypteras, Founder of Napkin.io, will become a member of the Klaviyo team and will report to Ezra Freedman, VP of Data Science.

Nick Sypteras, Founder of Napkin.io., said, “When I first started working with the Klaviyo team, I was struck by how similarly we think about empowering creators. Napkin.io was founded on the premise that we need a more powerful way to turn an idea into running code quickly with no set up, no dependencies and no slog. Klaviyo customers know they can launch a campaign in an hour and go from an idea in the shower to money in the bank in the same day. As code continues to eat the world, it’s only right that we have a more powerful way to support the ideas brands have to better serve their customers. I’m thrilled to become a Klaviyo and work alongside the team to build best-in-class solutions for our customers.”

Klaviyo made a commitment earlier this year to enhance its platform and make it easier for freelancers, partners, and clients\’ in-house developers to create fresh experiences. In order to accomplish this, Klaviyo introduced new SDKs, a sample data tool to make onboarding quicker, and a new developer portal that makes it easy to locate API documentation, guidelines, and developer-specific material.

Along with the acquisition, Klaviyo also revealed the availability of its new Klaviyo APIs today. These new endpoints enable more programmatic access to new product areas while being more consistent and connected. To send more individualized messages and ensure accurate product information in Klaviyo, developers can use Klaviyo\’s new Catalogs API. It enables users to programmatically create, amend, or delete catalog data in a customer\’s account. Klaviyo intends to continuously release additional APIs throughout the upcoming months and the entirety of 2023, revealing more of its UI and enhancing the overall developer experience.

“Klaviyo is focused on providing the best possible experience for our customers – and that means opening up our platform to allow developers to build on top of our existing offerings. Last year a few members of our team discovered Napkin.io and were immediately impressed with the power of the software, clear user interface, and unique feature set which are all Klaviyo-level quality. Further, Nick shares our vision and DNA as a builder and creator – and he is passionate about the developer experience. We’re excited to see what we can build together”, said Ed Hallen, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Klaviyo.

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