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KNIME and Snowflake Partners to Enhance Data Science Democratization

KNIME Partners with Snowflake
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Open-source data science firm, KNIME, and data cloud company, Snowflake has entered into a strategic partnership. The partnership enables access to data analytics across all areas of the organization to their users, eventually enhancing organizational productivity.

The data in the Snowflake platform can be accessed and operated using a low-code or a no-code platform free of cost through the new partnership. Various tasks that are beneficial for data analytics including data preparation to data science can be performed in Snowflake’s Data Cloud using the KNIME Analytics platform. The drag-and-drop interface can be used to prepare and evaluate the data, develop analytical models quickly, create data applications, and show results in business intelligence (BI) tools like Tableau or Power BI.

Paul Treichler, VP of global partnerships at KNIME stated, “Many of our customers rely on Snowflake to power virtually any data workload at scale, while utilizing KNIME to gain value from that data.”

The data experts can freely work on a flexible and scalable KNIME platform that enables users to work according to their preferences. The built-in integration with R, Python, Java, and other language tools enable users to develop advanced analytics model without any low-code or no-code technology custom algorithms.

KNIME is flexible and extensible, giving data experts the freedom to work in their preferred environment. Users can build sophisticated analytic models in its low-code/no-code environment or script custom algorithms in a language of their choice with built-in integrations with R, Python, Java, and more,” stated Tarik Dwiek, Snowflake’s head of technology partnerships.

The open-source community of KNIME enables technical and non-technical users to utilize pre-built components and workflows to speed time to value and upskill themselves through extensive free training and learning resources. This will enable non-technical teams to leverage data science and analytics and will make technical teams focus on more difficult tasks.

Enterprises from a variety of industries can benefit from KNIME’s commercial offerings. Automation, governance, production deployment, and MLOps are all available with KNIME Server. When Snowflake is used in conjunction with KNIME Server, enterprises can go beyond pilot projects and create enterprise-scale data solutions that are compliant and accessible throughout the organization. Finally, KNIME extends Snowflake’s deployment flexibility to the analytics layer, allowing businesses to allocate the appropriate resources to a particular workload or situation.

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