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Kyro Funds Series A to Enhance Next-Gen Crypto Apps with Native WEB3 Building Platform

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Kyro Digital has raised $10 million in “Series A” funding and SaaS (Software as a Service) revenue from some of the world’s leading blockchain and crypto venture funds. Kyro is launching a unique category of services that will revolutionize crypto adoption by delivering chains and partners with a simple and quick approach to enhance NFT (Non-fungible tokens), Coin, and Token offers.

Kyro is a platform that makes it easier to create, implement, and grow stores, marketplaces, and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Creators can create natively across a variety of connected chains using the platform. Kyro’s apps for all crypto asset genesis and secondary sales.

Kyro allows any sort of artist or company to build their own markets or storefronts with ease. NFT, Token, and Coin deployments encompass tangible and digital assets such as items, prizes, events, contributions, subscriptions, virtual goods, content, and more. Kyro can now be used to create and manage this unique consumer lifetime connection for its clients across all forms of crypto-assets and utilities.

Avalanche, Ethereum, Flow, Polygon, Rally, and Tezos are backed by Kyro. Ten digital/real-world crossover apps, third-party applications, and the first Web3 builder are all available on the platform.

“Rally enables creators to navigate the complex web3 landscape, both on the front end with their fans and in the tech infrastructure that ultimately plugs them into the broader web3 ecosystem,” said Stephanie Pereira, VP of Creator Success at Rally. “The investment in Kyro will help creators with both of these aspects of their online communities: enabling a branded standalone interface on the front end, and the possibility of cross chain interoperability at the core of their offering.”

“While Crypto Coins, Tokens and NFTs, a digital certificate of ownership, have emerged as a $41B+ to start off 2022, we still have billions of people to onboard to crypto,” said CEO and Founder Samir Arora. “Today, the market only caters to less than 1% of online consumers — mainly for art or collectibles. We see a world in which digital assets have more utility and that physical and digital utility applications are the gateway for IP owners to provide long-term functional value beyond the current offerings on blockchains.”

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