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Laiye Publishes an ebook Demonstrating Intelligent Automation’s Development as first-generation Automation Falters

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Laiye, Asia’s premier Intelligent Automation provider, has announced the release of its ebook “The Rise of Intelligent Automation” today.

The company, which announced its growth in EMEA and a $50 million investment to the region in late 2021, is aiming at the evolving automation market. With this new paper, Laiye answers the long-standing confusion about Robotic Process Automation (RPA); in an environment where few legacy RPA vendors dominate the market, Laiye puts to light the extended possibilities of Intelligent Automation, an evolutionary step beyond previous solutions.

The distinction stems from the incorporation of Artificial Intelligence from the outset, as opposed to the standard ad hoc integrations of AI capabilities. This implies that deployment is substantially faster, allowing organizations to reap actual benefits sooner. Furthermore, Intelligent Automation reduces the need for costly and cumbersome API integrations because it is much easier to integrate with existing company applications.

Some businesses are still in the early stages of their automation journey and require a dependable, low-risk solution that assures results. Others have already invested in RPA technologies but have not seen the promised ROI, and more are eager to explore the possibilities of intelligent automation. This ebook is for all of them, charting a course to success.


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