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LayerFive Enhances its Customer 360° Platform with Marketing Analytics and Attribution

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A Customer Data Platform for Shopify, LayerFive, recently announced the release of extensive enhancements to its Customer 360° platform for marketing analytics and attribution.

LayerFive helps marketers gain insight into first-party data and their marketing performance and assists them in handling Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)/ California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) data privacy in a way that ensures cost effective compliance and maximized ROI. LayerFive’s AI-based approach helps in delivering self-serve data privacy compliance to consumers and upholds consumer privacy across the digital marketing ecosystem. This ensures reduced waste of marketing spend, enhanced customer experience, better compliance, and improved customer trust. Since LayerFive helps companies consolidate consumer data by creating a single unified customer view, marketers can now merge their sales, marketing, and customer data, enhance advertising performance, and increase customer engagement.

Sushil Goel, CEO, LayerFive, said, “We’re a premier CDP with patent-pending identity resolution and a highly flexible rea-time segmentation feature. We’re the only CDP in the market with comprehensive marketing performance measurement.”

Some of the feature enhancements include comprehensive marketing attribution support including view-through attribution, real-time segmentation, and customer 360° analytics.

With the release of Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) view-through attribution, credit is given to those media impressions that users visit through organic or direct sources and converting. This feature also offers Facebook Ads attribution solution to their clients. Furthermore, the real-time segmentation feature creates live consumer segments that allows companies to take actions based on customer behavior. Finally, the enhancements made to the LayerFive’s 360° platform allow several actionable insights like customer lifetime value analysis, average order value trend, and more. All these features help in providing personalized customer support which ensures improved customer satisfaction.

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