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Leading Hardware Retailers Ramps-Up Data Syndication Via Venzee AI

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Product Data Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform Venzee AI starts supporting the second-largest hardware retailers in the US for data syndication. Venzee AI platforms can transfer product data much faster than other conventional systems.

According to Venzee CEO John Abrams, “Consumer brands are often dependent on manual processes, low function databases, and other antiquated solutions that fail to keep pace with the speed of modern commerce.” Continued Mr. Abrams, “Our announcement today is continued proof our advanced AI platform is key to helping brands quickly publish product information to their retailer partners and keep pace with growing demand for more accurate, reliable, and relevant consumer-focused product data.”

The Venzee platform provides speedy access and content distribution options to its customers. It also includes facilities like:

• Retailers will be able to ensure consistent and accurate data delivery with improved data governance, master data management, and content organization.
• Product content will be continuously monitored and updated on e-commerce sites using AI, which transfers data across various channels.
• Data transfer can be done quickly, which will help in dominating markets by delivering products quickly.

Venzee has become a key instrument in the simplification and automation of distribution processes for brands around the world, with over 500 major retail Mesh Connectors readily available. Through the execution of share purchase warrants, since December 1, 2021, Venzee has received more than $520,500 CAD in cash. The strike prices for all of the warrants that were exercised were $0.10 and $0.11.

According to Venzee Technologies COO, Peter Montross, “These warrant exercises assist Venzee to continue to exceed sales projections and meet 2022 objectives. We wish to thank our supportive shareholders who believe in Venzee’s disruptive platform and advantaged sales model as we grow toward becoming the dominant solution for product data delivery around the world.”

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