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Life Whisperer Launches its Third Global IVF Clinic Collaboration

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Life Whisperer, a product by Presagen that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance identifying healthy embryos for IVF and increase outcomes for couples wanting to have children. The fertility arm, Life Whisperer, has recently launched its third global IVF clinic collaboration at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) Annual Meeting in June. The purpose behind this AI Open Project is to apply AI to oocytes or female eggs before fertilization.

Life Whisperer’s Co-Founder Dr. Jonathan Hall, said, “We aim to keep developing new AI products to enhance and improve the whole IVF treatment process, and hence patient outcomes. We are excited about this product assessing oocytes, which not only can assist with IVF treatment but can be applied to the egg freezing market, allowing female patients to have greater confidence that the eggs they are freezing will lead to a viable embryo and ultimately pregnancy.”

An AI-driven healthcare company, Presagen is dedicated to creating reliable AI products to accelerate women’s healthcare outcomes worldwide. Presagen’s Social Network for Healthcare platform is built to connect with a global collaborative network of clinics and their various medical data to further create unbiased AI products. The flagship fertility products of Presagen such as Life Whisperer that are aiming to improve IVF outcomes with the help of Ai for couples struggling with fertility

The first two IVF products launched by Life Whisperer are created with collaborative efforts from global clinics to evaluate embryo quality. Artificial Intelligence is used to non-invasively and quickly check out embryo viability and genetics using only a single image.

Life Whisperer CEO and Co-founder, Dr. Michelle Perugini, commented, “For clinics, Life Whisperer improves standardization, efficiency, and success rates, and allows clinics to service more patients with greater confidence. For patients, Life Whisperer provides greater transparency, with a personalized report providing an objective evidence-based assessment.”

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