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LifeOmic Announces Acquisition of Bavard – a Conversational AI Platform For Enterprises

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LifeOmic, a software business that uses the cloud, machine learning (ML), and mobile devices to enable precise health and wellness solutions, announced the purchase of Bavard, conversational artificial intelligence (AI) startup that provides intelligent digital assistants and platforms. The acquisition happened at a time when AI technology is gaining traction in the healthcare industry.

Dr. Don Brown, LifeOmic CEO, and founder said, “Our customers are our number one priority, and this acquisition ensures we’re able to offer the best support possible. They can now engage with a platform that responds 24/7 and is powered by thousands of data points to provide personalized suggestions when they need it most.”

Bavard is an enterprise-grade conversational AI platform that works in tandem with an organization’s existing platforms to provide more tailored experiences. Customers of LifeOmic can now get AI-powered customer service via a chatbot on the website or within the LIFE mobile apps. Thanks to strong natural language processing, LifeOmic consumers may take advantage of unique features such as the ability to communicate in any language and receive a personalized experience based on previous interactions. Customers can call support at any time for faster responses, as well as live representatives if an intervention is needed.

Angelique Brown, Bavard CEO and co-founder said, “The majority of people are spending more time online and the need to optimize the experience is greater than ever. We created Bavard’s conversational platform to engage with users around the clock, even after a live support team has gone home. Together with LifeOmic, we are excited to leverage this cutting-edge technology in the health and wellness industry to help organizations deliver better user experiences at scale.”

Employers, consumers, and health care organizations use LifeOmic’s digital health products to improve health outcomes. Employers may use the increased capabilities of Bavard’s platform to streamline the onboarding of LifeOmic products to their staff, while consumers can quickly ask inquiries about LIFE Apps. Customers will enjoy a more seamless customer care experience, as well as better intelligence and context for each encounter.



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