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Lilt Introduces Next-Generation Multilingual Asset Management

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A modern language services and technology provider, Lilt, released its Multilingual Asset Management solution, a system designed to enhance companies’ localization efforts and deliver a unified brand and voice globally by better, more automated quality control of linguistic data. With the new solution, users can access higher-quality localization through automated linguistic asset management.

Lilt’s CEO Spence Green said, “Linguistic data curation is an essential discipline for modern localization, which depends on training custom, machine learning systems. Translation quality is too often compromised by poorly maintained translation memories and glossaries that no longer conform to brand requirements. We want to help our customers deliver higher quality localization across their global customer base, and this solution is an important step in that pursuit.”

The Multilingual Asset Management strategy allows organizations to deliver a global customer experience that is more unified, more aligned with brand values. This new feature keeps teams in touch with the changes in terminology and style within their organization, so they can react quickly to these changes. Customers are automatically alerted of mismatches between their legacy termbase and the most current TM. When mismatches are identified, reviewers can determine if they need to be adjusted to align with the current termbase.

Lilt Multilingual Asset Management automates hours of manual work, enabling linguistic data improvement more efficiently and faster. Through this solution, companies can more easily maintain their TMs, improving them on a routine basis rather than waiting months or years between cleaning, thereby producing higher quality, more frequently updated linguistic assets of greater translation quality.

The Lilt Engine’s machine translation system uses TMs that offer a better machine translation system with more accurate suggestions when a TM better reflects the customer’s current preferences. Furthermore, the solution automates grammatical and spelling checks, enabling customers to create global content that is more accurate and consistent.

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