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Lion Partners with Dawa Technology to Enhance Metaverse AI Tool

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Lion Group Holdings Ltd. said it has entered into a strategic partnership with Dawa Future Graphic Technology also called “Dawa Technology“. Together, the two companies intend to develop and innovate the Metaverse AI tool – “Cloud Production Platform”, creating a new form of digital market and cementing their role as leaders in the construction and development of the Metaverse world.

Mr. Wang Chunning (Wilson), Chief Executive Officer of Lion commented, “Metaverse represents a large potential market for Lion. Our cooperation with Dawa Technology to develop the Metaverse AI tool represents an important step of our entry into the Metaverse field. The Metaverse AI tool is fundamental to the creation and continuous growth of the Metaverse field. We believe this reshaped virtual world of human cognition has strong practical guiding significance and commercial value. We believe the value of the Metaverse production platform will grow rapidly over time. Concurrently, developments in the field of blockchain technology and NFT will also play a key role in shaping the Metaverse. Earlier this year, we independently developed and operated the cross-chain high-expansion NFT one-stop trading platform Meta World, which was also one of the important layouts for the innovation and development of the Metaverse field. In the future, we intend to continue our efforts to develop future industries related to Metaverse.”

It includes veteran researchers, developers, creators, and project operation teams that makeup one of China’s largest VR, AR, XR communities. The company is committed to becoming the world’s leading platform for Metaverse development, having built over 100 virtual idols, owned Asia’s largest indoor XR motion capture studio, which is equipped with the world’s leading motion-capture system, and LED technology.

Qi Lu, founder, and chairman of Dawa Technology commented, “The Metaverse AI tool will solve a series of pain points in the construction of the Metaverse field, making the construction of the virtual world faster and more convenient. The 1.0 version of the cloud production platform will have core functions such as virtual asset management, film production pipelines, business systems, social systems, online education, and collaborative development. This will provide professional and complete new era digital content production solutions for individual users, institutions, and enterprises who intend to accelerate their entry into the Metaverse ecosystem. This cooperation will effectively promote the development of related businesses by leveraging the strong platform strength of Lion Group. We intend to use the complementary advantages between both parties to achieve breakthroughs in the field of creation of the Metaverse and embrace the future together.”

In addition to the development of Metaverse AI, Dawa Technology has developed cutting-edge technology in virtual idols, virtual production tools, digital twins, real-time visual effects, and artificial intelligence (AI) creation tools, which are all necessary technologies and components for the creation of advanced technologies.

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