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ListenFirst Unveils BI Connector For Tableau

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ListenFirst, the leading enterprise social analytics solution, has released BI Connector for Tableau, which allows clients to connect directly to the ListenFirst API and receive data on-demand from their Tableau dashboard. This ground-breaking functionality allows for code-free integration. ListenFirst users may convey a variety of tales using Tableau’s 24 visualization kinds and reporting customizations by manipulating and overlaying different insights.

Jimmy Li, Product Manager at ListenFirst, said, “More than half of ListenFirst API customers use Tableau, and BI Connector For Tableau creates a quick path to insights for these data power users. Users can now effortlessly conduct cross-data source analysis, on-demand reporting, advanced charting, and data visualization. Additionally, insights can be published side by side with other data points from non-ListenFirst sources, simplifying complex stories into insights that are instantly understandable.”

ListenFirst’s BI Connector for Tableau, which is available in Tableau’s app directory, provides a faster, more seamless approach to acquiring mass data selection without requiring frontend access. Tableau provides reporting cycles by using dynamic date ranges to dynamically refresh the most recent insights in the chosen date range and criteria.

BI Connector for Tableau is designed for self-service and provides flexible data queries for brand, content, and premium level datasets.

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