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LivePerson Announces the Release of Contact Center Conversation Mining

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LivePerson, a global leader in conversation AI, recently released contact center conversation mining to transform omnichannel conversational analytics into intelligent action. It is a ground-breaking system that uses the Celonis Execution Management System to track, measure, and optimize customer experience. This new approach transforms how organizations leverage information from phone and texting conversations to improve customer experience.

To improve each customer connection, create new revenue streams, and raise customer lifetime value, conversation mining combines workflows and conversational data from phone and digital engagements. It aims to help brands with improved customer experience and agent utilization, and optimized service channels to enhance productivity.

Some key features of contact center conversation mining include:

  • Systematic mapping of customer journeys across interactions and systems.
  • Identification of customer behavioral patterns to comprehend what influences and motivates their experiences and results.
  • Breakdown of conversations into segment-level data to gain insight into paths that produce the best results and those that result in difficult encounters.
  • Unlocking of insights from conversational data, including sentiment and intent.
  • Transformation of those insights into intelligent action using automation and workflows to create seamless, individualized experiences.

Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson, said, “In partnering with Celonis, we’re taking another step toward creating AI-powered customer engagements that feel Curiously Human, delivered on any consumer channel. This new and better way to surface and take advantage of conversational data can help brands improve their performance across both customer care and commerce, meaning they can both cut costs and drive revenue.”

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