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LivePerson Announces Upgrade to its Conversation Assist with AI Recommendations

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A global leader in Conversational AI, LivePerson Inc., announced significant enhancements to its Conversation Assist capabilities, which provide agents with real-time recommendations based on AI for inserting content and chatbots directly into customer conversations.

Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson, said, “LivePerson’s Conversational AI helps brands better understand customer intents, connect across channels, and deliver meaningful outcomes. Powered by our natural-feeling AI, Conversation Assist’s enhanced recommendation engine helps balance the efficiency of bots and human touch of a brand’s agents to provide consumers with even more efficient and helpful conversations.”

Using Conversation Assist, agents get instant access to AI-enabled answers that help them assist customers or sell products. In line with the conversation, it presents relevant content and automation based on every message from a customer. Alternatively, agents may delegate tasks to recommended bots and send recommended answers immediately.

The agents remain in control when it comes to providing the best customer experience with Conversation Assist. Bots can easily be removed from conversations and personalized before being sent. The recommendation engine has been enhanced in Conversation Assist to include the following features:

  • With multi-source recommendations, LivePerson can combine customer knowledge, automation built through Conversation Builder, and bots from third-party platforms like DialogFlow and Watson.
  • The interface presents multiple recommendations inline in the conversation, allowing agents to choose the most appropriate recommendation.
  • The brand can monitor and improve recommendation performance and agent engagement with an easy-to-use dashboard containing rich analytics.

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