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Lockheed Martin Receives First Set of Orion Camera System from Redwire for Artemis III

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Next-gen space economy and space infra leader, Redwire delivered Orion Camera System to Lockheed Martin for its space mission Artemis III. The camera system, which consists of internal and exterior inspection and navigation cameras, was designed for NASA’s Orion Spacecraft, which is one of the major deep space missions by NASA. It will also enable humans to return to the Moon in anticipation of future crewed Mars missions.

“Redwire is proud to partner with Lockheed Martin to deliver the Orion Camera System, which will outfit NASA’s premier deep space exploration spacecraft with state-of-the art cameras to advance human spaceflight and support NASA’s exploration goals,” said Al Tadros, Chief Growth Officer and Executive Vice President of Space Infrastructure at Redwire. “The Orion program is critical to the long-term success of Artemis, getting humanity back to the Moon and developing technology to take us farther than ever before.”

Redwire is in charge of developing and testing the Orion spacecraft’s 11 out of 13 cameras, which are positioned in four solar arrays and video system hardware. The Orion Camera System makes use of commercially available technology that has been designed to work in space. Position and velocity can be determined using the Optical Navigation Camera, which is included in the Orion Camera System. Other cameras on board and outside the spacecraft record and broadcast high-definition footage of important mission events.

The deal between Redwire and Lockheed Martin includes Artemis missions III through V, with options for Artemis VI through VIII. This follow-on contract, which will be awarded in March 2021, builds on Lockheed Martin’s successful initial development and delivery of camera system hardware for use on Orion for NASA’s Artemis I and Artemis II missions.

“Redwire is proud to be providing critical hardware for this exciting mission,” said Adam Biskner, Executive Vice President, Engineering Solutions. “The Orion Camera system developed for Lockheed Martin provides advanced vehicle imaging capability for human spaceflight, enabling humanity’s successful return to the Moon and beyond.”

Redwire provides high-performance space camera systems for human and robotic spacecraft requiring machine vision, optical navigation, science, remote sensing, photogrammetry, inspection, video monitoring, and mission documentation for commercial, civil space, and defense applications, based on decades of flight experience.

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