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Lucata Introduces a Next-Generation Computing Platform

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Lucata, a provider of a next-generation computing platform, has announced the release of the Lucata Pathfinder server as well as a customized version of GraphBLAS for the Lucata platform. Performance benchmarks demonstrate the Lucata platform’s unrivaled performance and scalability improvements, allowing users to run faster analytics on larger graphs than is possible with traditional computing technologies. The Lucata platform helps bridge the gap between the performance and scalability of traditional servers and the capabilities of supercomputers for Big Data graph analytics at an affordable price.

Marty Deneroff, Lucata COO, said, “Innovation is always fueled by democratizing access to the latest high-end technology. By making it possible to cost-effectively analyze massive graph databases, Lucata will spur significant innovation in multiple industries. The Pathfinder benchmarks demonstrate the orders-of-magnitude increase in performance and scalability made possible today by our patented Migrating Thread technology.”

With today’s server technology, this price-performance gap facilitates more companies to create a wide range of high-value use cases at a speed and scale that was previously too costly, just as slow, or completely impossible to contemplate. Step function improvements in graph analytics performance and scale can be seen in financial fraud detection, cybersecurity threat detection, logistics and supply chain management, computational pharmaceutical modeling, retail recommendation engines, and other areas.

The Lucata version of GraphBLAS makes programming for the Lucata Pathfinder easier. It increases software quality and provides an easy onramp to porting existing graph applications to the platform. LAGraph can be used to gain even more improvements in developer productivity. The Lucata version of GraphBLAS allows developers to call Lucata algorithms using the standard GraphBLAS libraries. The patented Lucata Migratory Threads technology optimizes the Lucata algorithms for multi-threaded performance, supplying huge flexibility and efficiency gains over conventional servers. Developers can also directly call the Lucata-native algorithms, though the Lucata customized version of GraphBLAS.

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